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User Conduct

  • DO NOT harass other users.
  • DO NOT post inappropriate content. Any user posting pornography or illegal content will be blocked.
  • DO NOT spam on any pages or account pages.

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  1. All User, group and game pages must have an Infobox. To learn how to insert one to a page click here.
  2. Do not add bias to a page. Pages are to contain factual information only. Examples of bias are: "The hottest ATRer" or "The ugliest ATRer".
  3. Do not create pages that do not relate to the All Talk ROBLOX subforum. Pages irrelevant to the wiki will be deleted. Examples of this are: "KFC is the best, popeyes are bad"
  4. Do not post personal information on this wiki. This includes real life names, addresses, age, family members names, social security numbers, pictures of birth certificates or other personal documents, etc.
  5. Do not create pages with little or no imformation. Pages containing no info will be deleted.